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When most people think of Chad they think of an endless desert stretching across the north of Africa, or of a troubled region socio-politically. But there is a lot more to this newly emerging destination than meets the eye...


The Sahara Desert does stretch across the northern half of the country in a vast swathe of shifting sands, but the country has other unique and scenic areas and wildlife that cannot be replicated or seen in any other African country. The towering Tibesti mountains and the sandstone pillars, columns and arches of the Ennedi plateau in the north are matched by an equally unique expanse of lush swamps and savannah woodlands in the south. This is the Zakouma National Park, an eden teeming with herds several thousand strong and birdlife so prolific that even non-birders can only be awestruck. Here you can find Kordofan giraffe, Lelwel’s hartebeest, Buffon’s Cob, Red fronted gazelle and a plethora of game and birdlife that most Africaphiles aspire to see even once in their lives.

A big part of the Chad story is the amazing work being done by African Parks in protecting and restoring the wilderness areas of Ennedi & Zakouma, some of the more inspiring conservation stories on the continent at the moment.

The capital city of N’djamena boasts a number of vibrant local markets and a historic quarter filled with lovely old colonial buildings. If you are in town on a Sunday you can head down to the dusty streets in the center to enjoy an afternoon of wild and raucous street horse racing – a dusty melee of bright silks, pounding hooves, no railings and few rules...

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